December Frost

The freezing temps returned in the first half of the month with the thermometer dipping to -5°  and with the frost the birds returned, a large flock of Siskin were present the first week with around about 40 birds of a well mixed flock, the males (♂) really standing out. In the bushes and undergrowth were Redwing, Blackbird and even a few Fieldfare, a couple of Jays on and off all month, a Grey Heron floated thru at the beginning of the month, with a great  Great Spotted Woodpecker mid month noticeable with its contact calls (not drumming), and a fly thru Kingfisher mid month also, over the car park. Common birds still present around the fields Crows, Jackdaws and Black-headed Gulls with Wren, Robin, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Long-tailed Tit, and a calling Bullfinch in the wood.

Milder weather returned from week 3 with more rain but the temp went up to a manageable +8°, with this birds were few with a couple of Robins and Blue Tits about but an unexpected Common Buzzard was a nice surprise giving itself away by call first and floating over head to within about 6 feet as it sailed past. Common Kestrel was seen at the latter half of the week to nicely round the year off.

That’s it for 2012 hope you have a great Christmas and here’s to new stuff in 2013

Fungi still on site, Blushing Bracket, Candle Snuff, and Jelly Ear

Candle Snuff Fungi
Candle Snuff

Common Buzzaard


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