Week 20

Rather a mixed week this week what with rain showers, sun and cold temps felt more like winter had returned. Despite the bad weather I did manage a couple of dinner times out to catch some wildlife firstly with a new species of hoverfly for the site Rhingia campestris or the Heineken Fly,  with a rounded, dark orange body, dark brown thorax and unmistakeable long, orangey-brown snout, the Heineken Fly is an easily identifiable hoverfly. The long snout enables it to take nectar from deeper flowers, reaching the parts other hoverflies cannot reach!. Butterflies this week included the Green-veined White now on the wing

The Swallows appear to have the nest built and seem to have settled into the new home, Blackcap, Wren, Song Thrush, Blue Tit, Robin and Goldfinch were about, and a report of Pheasants successfully breeding with six chicks coming off the nest [breeding took place along the car park verge]. Wolf Spiders [Pardosa lugubris] were still in good supply in the neighboring field.

Heineken Fly
Hoverfly [Rhingia campestris]

Vacated Pheasant Nest
Pheasant Nest


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