Week 23

The weather this week has been good with temperatures averaging around 20° and dry all week this has resulted in a small amount of insect life on site, however Butterfly numbers on my observations this week have been some what disastrous with only two species seen this week Large White and Speckled Wood. Other insects this week a good amount of long legged spiders about, mainly Tetragnatha entesa and Harvestman Spiders Rilaena triangularis. Other finds this week have been a couple of Hoverfly species Eristalis Tenax, Heliophilus pendulas and Xylota sylvarum and a couple of Small Yellow underwing Moths, Lacewings have been another find mainly Chrysopa peria, but the biggest find this week for me has been a Longhorn beetle called the Wasp Beetle, a fairly widespread and common species but a first find for the site.

Birds about this week have been Blackcap, Blackbirds, Chiffchaff and the breeding Swallows which now appear to be on feeding flights

The Wasp Beetle
Longhorn Wasp Beetle 23/52

Long Legged Spider
Long legged Spider

This species below I am not sure about so if anybody knows please comment



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