Week 25

Another dry warm week this week well most of it with it breaking down on Thursday with rain moving in. It turned out to be a Moth week this week with plenty of Common Carpet Moths and  Yellow Barred Longhorn Moths or Fairy Moths [Nemophora degeerella], but the great find this week was the Lime Hawk Moth which gave delight to many a viewer. On a bad note the Swallows fledged with a couple being taken by waiting Magpies, other birds about Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Blue Tit, Blackbirds.

On the butterfly front things picked up a little bit with three species this week with Speckled Wood, Large White and Peacock, (which is about 70% down on previous years) many Peacock caterpillars can be found at the moment amongst the nettle patches.

Other insect life at the moment with plenty of Owl Midges, a few Nettle Weevils, Sawfly [Tenthredo mesomelas], a another nice find a Scorpion Fly.

Lime Hawk Moth
Lime Hawk Moth

Scropion Fly

Scorpion Fly


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