Week 26

Another dry warm week this week well most of it with it breaking down on Thursday again with light rain moving in at dinner time. It turned out to be a Moths were still about this week with plenty of Common Carpet Moths and Yellow Barred Longhorn Moths. On the butterfly front there was worryingly nothing except a few peacock caterpillars on the nettle patch.

Other insect life at the moment plenty of Owl Midges, a few Nettle Weevils, Sawfly [Tenthredo mesomelas], Hoverflies made a better appearance this week with Drone Fly’s [Eristalis tenax] and Eristalis pertinax, Long Hoverfly [Sphaerophoria scripta], new hoverflies found this week include Chrysotoxom bicinctum one of the easy ones to id.

Keeping on the new finds with two of my favourite species one being the Longhorn Beetles, firstly with a Black Clouded Longhorn Beetle  (one of the smallest Longhorns) put in a very brief appearance before hiding away from the camera, and then secondly shield bugs , I happily found a Red Legged Shield Bug (Final Instar) amongst the Oak leaves and this wasn’t happy about a camera either hiding in dark places.

Lastly I was very happy to find the first Damselfly of the season up at the large pond a Male Azure Damselfly

Birds species this week included Swifts, Starling (over the back car park), Pied Wagtail (over the front car park), Song Thrush, Wren, Blackcap, Great Spotted Woodpecker, and the Swallows seem to be on with the second nest site ready for another brood

Six months have past here is the year species year list to date PRESS

More Photos can be seen at my Flickr Link on the right 🙂


Red Legged Shield Bug (Final Instar)

Red Legged Shield Bug Final Instar

Yellow Barred Longhorn Moth

Yellow Barred Longhorn Moth


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