Week 27

High pressure slowly taking control on the weather front and with it lots of sunshine, summer finally here, with it came the insects

Butterflies gave a better showing this week with four species seen, three of those being new for the year taking the butterfly list safely into double figures with 65% of the list now seen, but I still think even thou species are being seen numbers are well down, across the board for insects this year. The species new this week were Large Skipper, Ringlet and Meadow Brown with Speckled Wood also seen this week

Hoverflies are also into double figures now and standing at 14 species with, Eristalis tenax, Eristalis horticola, Leucozona laternaria, Narcissus Fly [Merodon equestris] , Heliophilus pendulus, Pellucid Fly and Marmalade Hoverfly [Episyrphus balteatus] all seen this week.

Other insects noted this week included Lacewing [Chrysopa peria], Snipe Fly [Melieria crassipennis], Snipe Fly [Rhagio tringarius], Sawfly [Trentredo mesomelas], Yellow barred Longhorn Moths, Neetle weevils and a Picture Winged Fly [Melieria crassipennis]

Back on the bird front the Swallows seem to be well on with the second brood Chiffchaff heard calling this week along with a Green Woodpecker, Swifts are also still around, and a fly over Pied Wagtail.

Birds should now be getting quiet in the woods with insects increasing this week as high pressure takes a firm hold, lets hope for more Dragonflies

Large Skipper

Large Skipper 27/52

Picture Winged Fly
Picture Wing Fly


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