Week 28

Its been a great week dry and sunny reaching highs of 80 degrees and the insects were ot.

The find of the week was a Golden bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle [Agapanthis villosoviridescens] it was a brief encounter but it didn’t matter it was my find of the year, even managed a couple of frames (see below), along with this were Yellow and Black Longhorn Beetles [Rutpela maculata], plenty of Sawflies [Tentredo mesmolas], loads of Ringlet and Meadow Brown butterflies with smaller numbers of Speckled Woods and Large Skippers, moths were out also Macro moths along with a few Yellow Shells and largers numbers of the Narrow bordored 5 Spotted Burnet Moths. Hoverflies were also here mainly Eristalis tenax, Heliophilus pendulus, and Marmalade Hoverflies [Episyrphus balteatus] and a Common Green Grasshopper ended the week nicely

On the bird front Swallows are doing nicely and well on with the second brood, a brief call of a Nuthatch and a Chiffchaff, fly over Jay and Woodpigeons. Pied Wagtail briefly in the front car park.

The high pressure remains into next week I’m hoping Small Copper butterflies put in appearance next week and a visit up to the pond is over due for some Dragonflies.

Golden bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle

Golden Bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle 28/52

Narrow bordered 5 Spotted Burnet Moth

Narrow Bordered 5 Spot Burnet Moth


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