Week 29

Well high pressure remained all week giving us hot, dry weather all week and things have started to hot up on the insect front, we have had Moths, Butterflies, Wasp, and Hoverflies

On the Butterfly front we have numerous Ringlet and Meadow Browns with Large Skippers, Speckled Woods, Small Tortoiseshells, Small Whites and Large Whites and the appearance this week also of Small Skippers and Gatekeepers.

Moths once again have had a good week with still a lot of Narrow Bordered 5 Spotted Burnets about and I even managed to find a 6 Spotted Burnet amongst them. One moth I was called out to see was a fine Large Emerald, which stayed around for many a photo. Other Moths this week have included a Straw Dot ,which is normally a night flyer but I disturbed it from the long grass, I also found a Cinnabar Moth.

Other insects this week have been rather quiet with only the odd Eristalis tenax and Marmalde Hoverflies about, however another nice find this week was an Ichneumon Wasp [Amblyteles armatorius]

The birds were quite this week with only the Chiffchaff and Wren giving themselves away, a Jay was also noted. The Swallows are doing fine with the second brood well on the way with the parent birds now busy on feeding runs.

Negative news this week concerns the Damselflies none seen at all…has this been down to the late season due to the longer winter this time, makes you wonder

Ichneumon Wasp [Amblyteles armatorius]

Ichneumon Wasp

Large Emerald

Large Emerald


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