Week 30

Another glorious week of warm weather and there were still plenty of insects about a few new and a few old.

Butterflies this week still plenty of Meadow Browns and Ringlets with smaller numbers of Small and Large Whites, Small Skippers, Small Tortoiseshell, Large Skippers, and Gatekeepers. On the moth front all was quiet after last week only new one was a dead Swallow-tailed Moth and Cinnabar Caterpillars

Other insects about the Ichneumon Wasp could still be seen, along with plenty of Soldier Beetles. Hoverflies were plenty with Marmalade Hoverflies, Eristalis tenax and Pertinax, Long Hoverfly [Sphaerophoria scripta] and a new one for the week was a Thick-legged Hoverfly [Syritta pipiens]. Two new Plant Bugs [Grypocoris stysi] and [Closterotomus norwegicus] and a new Weevil called a Nut Weevil [Strophosoma melanogrammum]

Birds this week once again due to the breeding season nice and quiet in the woods, the Swallows are still busy on feeding flights and we’ve had Swifts over head this week

Common Wasp

Wasp close up

Plant Bug [Closterotomus norwegicus]

Plant Bug [Closterotomus norwegicus]


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