Week 34

Another great week weather wise with plenty of sunshine on hand, didn’t however get to play out much this week but did manage a couple of year species on the day I did.

Butterflies are still on the wing with still plenty of “Cabbage Whites” about mainly the Large and Small with a few Green veined thrown in, Meadow Browns, Peacocks, Small Skipper, Gatekeepers and the first Small Copper of the year could all be found this week.

Additional insects this week were Sawfly [Tenthredo mesomlas], Nettle top Moth, Hoverfly (Marmalde and Pertinax) Thick legged Hoverflies with lots of unidentified hoverflies, also Tachinda fera flies (lovely colourful fly but a well and truly a parasitoid beast finally killing their host), Saracophaga flies (beautiful red eyes) are also known as flesh flies, these beauties differ from other flies as these depoist hatched or hatching maggots instead of eggs on carrion, nice. Also this week Cinnabar Moth catapillars were still with us now on the fading ragwort flowers.

On the bird front the Swallows can still be seen around and about, a Grey Heron flew throu seen from the canteen window (this is becoming a good obs place :-)) along with Black headed Gulls, Bullfinch, Jay, Robins Wren and Chiffchaff were all about this week along with the first Grey Wagtail of the year near the small pond

Tachina fera

Tachina fera

Red Legged Shieldbug

Red legged Sheildbug


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