Week 35

Rather a quiet week this week on the insect front with only a handful of species found despite the dry warm week.

The Chrysotoxum bicinctum hoverfly was around this week and giving good views despite being slightly out of camera range in the undergrowth, Eristalis pertinax, Marmalde and Long Hoverflies were still to be found as well.

A Red Legged Sheildbug was found in a different location, Nettle tap Moths could still be seen. Butterflies are in short supply now with only Speckled Wood, Small Copper and Small White seen.

Birds about this week included the Swallows, with Black headed Gulls, Crows, Jackdaws and Woodpigeons in the nearby fields. Robins have started singing again showing signs that Autumn approaches, and the Spiders return.

Cinnabar Moth Catapillar
Cinnabar Moth Catapillar 3

Small Copper Butterfly

Small Copper


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