Week 4

Another mild week temp wise these once again being above the average for January, but along with the mild temps came plenty of rain during the week, however the dinner breaks were bright, sunny and clear.

It was a good week on the bird front with the Siskin flock remaining around all week, alone Chaffinch ♂ was seen Monday. Tuesday brought in a pair of Bullfinch. Wednesday we saw a slight drizzle but a pair of Nuthatch were about, giving excellent views and doing what I believe to be a courtship/bonding display by chasing each other and offering food gifts. A Treecreeper was also seen but the find of the week were a pair of Goldcrest well hidden among the bushes, along with Blue Tit, Great Tit, Long tailed Tit, Jackdaw and of course the Robin and Song Thrush singing away on a morning I think this week has turned out to the best this year so far.



Long tailed Tit

Long tailed Tit


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