Week 23

Hello back again on week 23 which on the whole hasn’t been a great week all round with wind, rain and chilly temps again which has resulted in the butterflies taking a retreat and hiding in warmer places.

Birds this week has resulted in 2 Blackcaps for definite, Swifts and House Martins have passed thru in good numbers, the Crows nest has been sabotaged the the grey squirrel, Blue Tits have done better and are now on busy feeding runs as are the Swallows. Common Buzzard has flown thru on the warmer day

Insects have been harder to find but the ones that have been found have been good with Malachite Beetle (new), Scorpion Fly Sp., Lacewing, Nettle tap Moth, Yellow barred Longhorn Moth, Silver ground Carpet Moth (new) and a Sawfly species (see below photo) of which I’m thinking this is the Apethymus serotinus  this being the female, the male having white leg patch’s, which was also seen at the same time, and they were seen together

Sawfly [Apethymus serotinus ?]


Yellow barred Longhorn Moth

Yellow barred Longhorn moth

Malachite Beetle (new)

Malachite Beetle


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