Week 24

A good week with there being a few more insects about with the highlight of the week going to a very beautiful Beetle, which didn’t stay around for pics always flying on a bit when the camera was pointed its way, the Golden bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle (for a picture see week 28 2013), this has to be one of my favorite beetles and one I didn’t think I would find this year.

Along with the  Golden bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle were a few more Butterflies this week,  these being mainly Speckled Woods, Small Copper (1), Green Veined White and large Skipper (1).

We also had a  few more moths this week with Straw Dot, Yellow Shell, Silver ground Carpet and Yellow barred Longhorn Moths.

The birds this week were still calling mainly Song Thrush, Blackcap and Blackbirds. The Swallows are still very busy and a joy to watch going to and fro from the nest.

Another highlight this week was when I visited the large pond, they took some finding, and I nearly gave up but when I’d seen one there were loads, Azure Damselflies are back, plus there was a mystery Butterfly looking like the  hairstreaks’ as it flew past, so it’s back to the pond next week hopefully to pin this mystery it down.

Azure Damselflies

Azure Damselflies

Silver ground Carpet Moth

Silver ground Carpet


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