Week 25

Well a better week with the weather, warm all week..so whats been happening, the Swallows are still on feeding flights hopefully week 26 might be fledging week, Song Thrush is now calling most of the day, Chiffchaff was around the top car park seen feeding and calling most of the week, Blackcaps are still calling loudly it was also good to hear the Nuthatch again this week and along with Robins, Wrens, Blackbirds, Magpies, Crows, Jackdaws and Pied Wagtail its been a busy week on the bird side.

Hoverflies have this week made a comeback with many favourites seen Volucella pellucens, Leucozona glaucia, Cheilosia illustrata have been good in number and with Epistrophe grossulariae being ID as a new site species, its been a good week

Butterflies have been low in number with Speckled Wood, Large White, and Large Skipper seen in low numbers

Nettle Weevil [Phyllobius pomaceus] was seen this week, with had a few moths this week with Yellow barred Longhorn Moths being prominent, I love watching these Moths especially when they appear to dance in the sunlight, and also this week a new species, Celypha lacunana a micro moth

Also of note this week a lot of trees have been cut back these were covering the telegraph cables running down the side of the field

Hoverfly [Leucozona glaucia]

Hoverfly Leucozona laternaria

Sawfly [Tentredo mesomolas]

Tentredo mesomolas

Moth [Celypha lacunana] New Species

Celpha lacunana


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