Week 26

Well if you didn’t know its been insect week this week in the UK and the insects must have known hoverflies,bugs and Butterflies were in good numbers

We’ve had an explosion of Butterflies this week with Ringlet and Meadow Browns in great numbers, these Butterflies can be found mainly in long grass , which at the moment is only one field has the other has now been  harvested.

We have also had in smaller numbers Speckled Woods, Large Skippers, and one Red Admiral, I have had 13 species of Butterfly this year on site with the addition of 3 this week 15 has been the highest in one year with 17 being on the site list, I’ve had no Gatekeepers or Small Skippers yet.  A couple of day flying moths this week with the Narrow bordered Five Spot Burnet Moth, Silver ground carpet,being seen along with numerous Micro Moths.

A few Plant/Mirid Bugs have been seen this week with Colocoris sexguttatus being one of them, and up at the pond Azure Damselflies. Numerous Sawflies and flies could be seen around site including the biting ones

On the bird front the Swallows are doing well and there now seems to be a lot of wing exercise going on by the young ones, maiden flight next week? lets hope the magpies aren’t around next week and we can a re-run of lasts years first brood

Great Spotted Woodpecker put in an all put a brief appearance this week, a couple of Blackcaps, and the Chiffchaff can still be heard occasionally, Bullfinch and Chaffinch also put in a brief appearance this week and with Magpies, Crows, Rooks and Woodpigeons in the now harvested fields

Late news from week 25 I forgot about the flock of Canada Geese that flew over (27 in total) in the classic V formation which is a new species for the site taking the site number on to 61

Mirid Bug [Colocoris sexguttatus]

Mirid Bug Calocoris sexguttatus

Narrow Bordered Five Spot Burnet Moth

Narrow bordered 5 Spot Burnet


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