Week 27

A good dry week this week with plenty around on the insects front, birds have been quiet as they are probably feeding young at this time of year and haven’t the need to proclaim territories. It was good to catch sight of a couple of Grey Wagtails on the overflowwe have also had  Swallows, House Martins and Swifts mid-week feeding over one of the fields, which has been a great sight to see, so many as they twist and turn whilst trying to catch insects. Chiffchaff put in a brief call this week heard on a couple of days.

Mentioning insects Meadow Brown and Ringlet Butterflies have been seen in great numbers this week along with smaller numbers of Speckled Wood and Large Skippers.  Moths this week have included Yellow Shell , Narrow bordered 5 Spot Burnets Moths and Celyphua lacunana and  lots of un ID micro moths

Hoverflies this week have been down on number compared with last week with mainly Epistrophe grossulariae, Eristalis Pertinax being the main ones ID’d.

We have had this week the appearance of the Spotted Longhorn Beetle and good numbers of the Common Red Soldier Beetle along with a Forest Shield Bug or Red legged Shield Bug

A New Species to the growing list this week has been a beautiful Moth called a Burnished Brass, a macro moth which is common over much of the British isles and has a nice metallic colouring on the forewings. it’s a double brooded moth flying June to September.

Burnished Brass Moth

Burnished Brass [2434]

Forest Sheild Bug

Green Sheild Bug


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