week 29

Another good week on the work patch dry warm week again bringing a good number of insects out especially Meadow Brown and Ringlet Butterflies, I have seen a good number of Small Skipper Butterflies this weekI might even go as far as saying this year has been the best I’ve seen. Gatekeeper butterfly has made an appearance this week also, only one seen you,  but it has made it species 16 out of 17 on site,  the best year yet, Holly Blue had been the only one not to have shown this year, fingers crossed that it may show with the second broods, but that species had taken an 82% decrease in the last few years nationally so it’s not surprising. Other butterflies this week have included Speckled Wood,  Small White,  Green veined White,

Moths this week,  good numbers of Narrow bordered 5 Spot Burnets,  with a Small fan foot wave on the moth wall, Mother of Pearl, a new species, found in the adjacent field,  with one moth yet to id.

Other insects this week, still plenty of Common Red Soldier Beetle about and a Common Green Grasshopper was seen

Birds have included Bullfinch most days along with Great Spotted Woodpecker,  Chiffchaff,  Swift, Goldfinch and the Swallows seem to be settling in for another brood.

Small Skipper

Small Skipper

Mother of Pearl Moth

Mother of Pearl



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