Week 30

Its been a glorious warm and sunny week with temps regularly on the high 70s which in turn has been a great week for the insects and its there we will start this week.

Moths.. a couple of 6 spot burnets [new for the year] another small fan footed wave, and two new ones, the first was found Monday morning near the stairs down from the car park a Coxcomb prominent, the second a Riband Wave on the moth wall

Butterflies this week have reached double figures for the first time this year along with a new species, all but briefly before being buzzed by a Small Skipper, and not located since a Small Heath which now takes this area to 18 species. The ones seen this week Small and large Skippers [still a lot of Small Skippers about], Small and large Whites along with Green veined White, Gatekeepers [these are now in good numbers], Meadow Browns and Ringlets still in double figures but are now about fading in colour and looking ragged around the edges, Red Admiral and Comma both in low single figures but looking lovely and bright, hope to see more of them in the coming weeks

Finally birds,  a Kestrel this week new for the year was quickly seen off by a crow, we’ve also had Jay, Woodpigeon, Great tit, Blue Tit, Grey Wagtail, Bullfinch and Goldfinch

Other insect stuff a few Common Red Solider Beetles and a Green Grasshopper and a large dragonfly thru



Riband Wave

Riband Wave - 1713

Coxcomb Prominent

Coxcomb Prominent - 2008


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