Week 31

Its been a cooler week this week with temps returning to the seasonal average, the wind has also picked up slightly but things have been about and with a couple of firsts for the year its been an okay week

Starting with the Moths again .. apart from the small grass type moths in the field there has been little action on the moth front with only the wall attracting anything, and its here we had a first for the year by the name of a Common Footman and along with a Yellow Shell and an unidentifiable micro that’s been it for moths this week

Butterflies… after the excitement of last week’s Small Heath and a double figure count its been a lot quieter this week with, Small Skippers, Small and large Whites ,with Green veined White in good numbers this week, Gatekeepers , Meadow Browns, Ringlets , and a few Peacocks.

Dragonfly this week have been seen on my visit to the pond with Common Hawker and Azure Damselfly about

Birds this week the Swallows seem to be busy on feeding flights with the second brood, Swifts have been thru this week and with August approaching, young Chiffchaffs have been seen around the pond area and are constantly making contact calls so have been easier to find, also around the pond where Mallard and Moorhen, Grey wagtail was seen on the overflow pond and with Great Spotted Woodpecker, and Nuthatch in the woods these were the only birds of note this week

Common Footman

Common Footman


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