Week 33

A rather cooler damper week this week and with below normal temps it felt more like autumn and this reflected in the wildlife seen.

Birds this week many Swifts moving thru with most now moving off into to the return migration and warmer climates,  might have to join them later on the year. Swallows however are still around and feeding low over the fields and tree tops,  you should start to see them now gathering on telegraph wires as they make ready for their migration in a few more weeks.  Common Buzzard about this week and being harassed by the magpies, young Chiffchaffs are still around and often heard rather than seen. Grey Wagtail was seen around the overflow pond with a Pied Wagtail in the car park.

Butterflies are now thin on the ground with only Green veined White, Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper being seen.  The only moth this week was a dark Yellow Shell Moth.

A nice find this week was a bumble bee mimic named Volucella Bombylans a large Hoverfly, a first for the site

Volucella Bombylans

Hoverfly Volucella Bombylans




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