Week 39

A dry warm week cloudy and clear blue skies at times with temperatures above the September average which in turn gave rise to the insect life staying around butterflies and hoverflies taking up the dinner time break.

Speckled Woods are plentiful with the odd Peacocks thrown in, hoverflies are represented by plenty of Sryphus Sp with maybe the occasional Helophilus pendulus and Episyrphus balteatus, a new hoverfly was ID this week a Platycheirus albimanus, a rather small dark hoverfly easily overlooked

Birdlife this week has been quiet but surprisingly the Chiffchaff still remains, Nuthatch was once again only been heard, plenty of Robins about especially first thing in the morning, Long tailed Tit, seen this week along with a few Jays.

I did manage this week to uncover some Common Earthball fungi hiding in a nettle patch.

So a good all in all with a new hoverfly species and a new fungi

Platycheirus albimanus 

Platycheirus albimanus

Common Earthball

common earthball


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