Week 40

September finished on a high note with temperatures remaining above average for this time of year (driest September on record and the fourth warmest apparently) and with clear blue skies it was a joy to be out and about but alas very little could be found to see the month out, Speckled Wood Butterflies enjoyed the September sunshine as much as I did and one Small White Butterfly managed to see September out , hoverflies were difficult to find with only a few species seen, spiders in the grass soon hurried off has I made my way around the field. Robins sang from the hawthorn bushes but remained hidden, jackdaws, woodpigeons flew overhead.

The 1st of October started on a great note the sun was shining it was warm and it was good to be out. I was in the top car park when I caught sight of a Kestrel overhead as it gently soared over the nearby tress, Speckled Woods were flitting about the nettle patch hoverflies were feeding on the umbelliferous flowers yes it was good to be out. I found a Green Sheildbug, a little bit out of reach, surround by nettles, who said taking photos wasn’t dangerous. On then to some hoverfly photos picking up Sryphus sp, Tapered Drone Hoverfly [Eristalis pertinax] and a Footballer [Helophilus pendulus]. It wasn’t look before I was interrupted by a distant call of a Common Buzzard, looked I did but it never showed up, back to the hoverflies then the alarm went off 30mins lunch over, soon goes, its now when the best things happen and it did a large bird caught my eye down the field, ah! Buzzard no it wasn’t , Heron no wasn’t big enough, blimey Cormorant ( a first for the works, by me tally now 61) all this time it was lifting higher, camera, photos, blast still on macro mode, by the time I had it on telephoto mode it was high and circling, record shots, I thought it might come down to the large pond but now I was in danger of being late back I had to leave with the Cormorant still circling high, so where had it been for it to come from the direction it did?? a great note to finish on in week 40



Green Shieldbug

Green Shieldbug


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