Week 44

Another week of Nonseasonal weather for this time of year with temps getting into the 20° degrees no problem and dry most days,  so I was definitely out and about and this is what I found this week.

The birds have been silent with only Robin and Great Tit seen with Bullfinch only heard, I think were waiting for winter for the bird life to pick up again.

Insects on the other hand have still been out and about, due to the mild weather, with still plenty of Noon Flies about, these can be mostly found along the wooded fences basking in the sun.

Spiders were out also this week mostly Harvestman and Nursery Web Spiders, but the best find this week was another Shield Bug this time the honors going to the


Harvestman Spider (this being one of the 30ish UK species of Harvestman)

Harvestman Spider

Nursery Web Spider

Nursery Web Spider

Hawthorn Shield Bug

Hawthorn Shield Bug


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