Week 52


With it only being a short week this week I’ve decided to do a highlights section reflecting on the past year.

The bird list increased by two species this year with Cormorant and Canada Goose being seen which took the species list to 62 for the patch. Swallows had a good year getting off two good broods this time, Willow Warbler has been missed this year but we’ve had a better number of Chiffchaff about this year, the bird I would like to find here is Common Whitethroat, maybe 2015, and once again Lesser Spotted Woodpecker not seen again but this would reflect on the national trend for this species.

Dragonflies have another bad year with only four species seen. Butterflies have had I think a mixed year with Small Skippers on the patch having a better year this year along with Ringlet and Meadow Browns but I haven’t really seen a lot of “Reds” this year Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell lets hope they have a better year next year, but the highlight was the finding, if only for a brief moment, was a Small Heath which takes the site tally now to 18 species

Moths have had a good year with the list now hitting 30 species 16 of those newly ID on site this year with Coxcomb Prominent and Burnished Brass taking pride of place for me this year, and I’m sure there is a lot more out there to ID yet.

Bats were a new subject this year mainly due to me bringing the Moth Trap down one night with three species ID with the detector, Common and Soprano Pipistrelle’s and Noctule

That leaves the bugs and flies, hoverflies are always a difficult species to ID and with extra help have managed to ID three new ones for the site taking the list to a grand 26 with 18 being ID this year.

Bugs did well with me finding two new Shield-bugs this year Hawthorn and Birch.

Well that’s the end of another year at the work site it only remains to wish everyone who has been with me this year a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year please come back in 2015 and see whats happening on a Lunch Break



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