Week 9

A better week weather wise with me hitting every dinner time break out, starting cold at the beginning of the week ending warmer but alas no insect life as yet “Up North” but the birds were good this week

It started quietly with Blue Tit, Great Tit, Blackbird, Dunnock, Crow, Woodpigeon and Robin all seen at the bird table.  Grey Heron was seen mid-week flying over and towards the large pond area, Goldfinch appeared mid-week also in the nearby field bushes. By the end of the week things were warming up in the wood also with things getting a bit noisier with 4 species of the Tit family joining in on the vocals, these were Blue, Great, Long tailed and Coal Tit, however this made a local Sparrowhawk take notice and gave chase hotly pursuing a Long tailed Tit, great to watch the agility of both birds as they made their way thru the trees, what the outcome for the Long tail was I don’t know. The week ended nicely with  pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers seen and the Nuthatch seen entering  the nest site.

Of note this week was a group of 20+ Magpies, never seen such a large group before,  in one of the bushes, which begs the question “What’s a group of Magpies called?” I believe it’s called a “Tiding of Magpies”

See you next week and thanks for visiting here’s a scene from the “Play Area”

Work Scene




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