Week 28

Well this week was like a football match…. a week of two halves.  Wet and colder to start with which how ever gave me chance to concentrate on the Swallows,  and I’m glad it was at the beginning of the week I found out we have two Swallow nests this year,  when I thought we had none, both are very active with broods in both nests.

Round at the feeders the usual crew could be seen,  Great Tit,  Blue Tit, Robin, Nuthatch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Blackbird and of course the Squirrels.

Thursday came and the sun came back and we had an explosion of Butterflies,  Meadow Brown and Ringlet were everywhere,  and joining in were Speckled Wood and Large Skippers,  a Red Admiral once again put in an all but brief appearance, and Small Skippers and Gatekeeper have started their flight periods and we’re great top see again this week


Gatekeeper Gatekeeper Butterfly

Small Skipper

Small Skipper Butterfly


2 responses to “Week 28

  1. Saw our first Gatekeeper a couple of days ago (Dorset). I don’t seem to be getting your posts – I’ll sign up again. I’ve noticed WordPress sometimes does this. Or my computer! RH

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