Week 29

A  quieter week this week the Swallows have fledged and can be seen been feed by parents around the car park on occasions, Swifts and House Martins have been seen most days this week especially over the trees feeding. Around at the feeder we’ve had the usual crew with plenty of young birds already getting in to where food can be found.

Insects to me have been very much down on numbers this year with very few sightings of hoverfly species, beetles and Moths this year when we should be seeing a lot at this time of year….Butterflies especially Meadow Brown, Ringlet  and Large Skippers have had good numbers this year, were the Whites and Reds have been low in numbers. On site this week we’ve had good numbers of Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small Skipper and Large Skipper with the odd Large White flying thru, and the odd sightings of Gatekeepers, we’ve  also the odd sighting of a Common Hawker Dragonfly over the adjoining field this week


Ringlet Butterfly



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