Week 32

The weather was good this week which showed in the insect life about,  the birds had a quieter week but it looks like we have had a second brood emergence with plenty of Great Tit and Blue Tit young around the bird-table.
However back to the insects and we have had a two new moth species this week with Orange Swift (which was on the moth wall) and a Lesser Yellow Underwing, which was found above an outside door along with a Large Yellow Underwing.

Another good find for me this week was the appearance at last of my favourite Beetle, the Longhorn, this one being the Black and Yellow Longhorn [Rutpela maculata] easily found at the time of year on umbelliferous plants
The Butterflies have had another active week with lots of Ringlet and Meadow Brown still plentiful but showing signs of wear now as they come to the end of the season, Gatekeeper and Small Skippers are also around in good numbers,  but the find of the week, no month,  no year, no in all the years I’ve been watching this site happened this week,  the one butterfly I’ve wanted on site showed up this week, the beautiful White letter Hairstreak,  not a common butterfly, so to have one on site was absolutely amazing,  it have me an audience of 10 minutes before disappearing from view

White letter Hairstreak Butterfly

White letter Hairstreak Butterfly

Orange Swift Moth

Orange Swift Moth


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