Week 35

Another exciting week on the insect front, the weather has been good all week, but first the birds.

Nothing has changed with the birds the Swallows are still visiting the nest feeding young  and unfortunately we lost one this week due to it falling out of the nest, so I had it wrong last week didn’t know what was going on then has there was a lot of commotion around the nest site. The table held the usual crew and and as always gave excellent views coming in to a couple of feet, Nuthatch (2), Blue Tit, Great tit, Robin, Dunnock, Blackbird and Chaffinch.

In the woods were a calling Chiffchaff (contact calling), Bullfinch and a Common Buzzard, and someone also had a sighting of six birds in the together.

Now to the insects firstly a new fly a Tachina grossa [Tachina grossa or giant tachinid fly is a very large tachinid fly found throughout most of Western Europe. At 15–19 millimetres it is one of the largest species of fly throughout much of its range and is the largest tachinid in Europe and is a parasite of large catapillars.]

Moths this week have been Small fan Footed Wave on the moth wall and a Silver Y Moth in the field.

Finally the butterflies this week have finally gone into double figures species wise, just. Firstly the good news the species count for this site has now reached 20 species which is fantastic the latest addition, and another hoped for species, was a Painted Lady ironically found along side the Silver Y Moth. Both these species are mitigatory insects the Painted Lady coming from northern Africa and may return there in the autumn. We have had what we call a Painted Lady year this year in the UK, this happens when there is a density of its own kind within it’s home area and the food-plants have been striped then there is that urgency to migrate and that’s when we get them in the UK. The Silver Y Moth is widespread across Europe and parts of Asia and North Africa.

The other species of butterfly this week have been Gatekeeper, Green veined White, Large White, Small Skipper, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, Small White, Comma, Peacock,

Painted Lady

Painted Lady ButterflyPainted Lady Butterfly


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