Week 33

Week 33 I have always regarded as the best week of the year for insect life and I most say that this year has been the worst I have ever seen, managing only 5 species of butterfly when this should really be in double figures and in good numbers.

The Butterfly species this week did have included Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Gatekeeper, Green veined White and the star of the week my only second sighting of a Painted Lady on site and in pristine condition

Other highlights this week have included a few Hawker Dragonflies, these seldom settle so getting a positive ID is difficult but at a guess probable Common Hawker, these were seen patrolling the woodland margins for tasty bits. A Common Darter Dragonfly  was also seen this week, this was a little bit more obliging, but did land in a difficult place to get reasonable photos

What else has been happening on site, the bird-table area has been busy with mainly young Robins and Dunnocks, also around here this week Nuthatch, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Woodpigeon and Bullfinch

The Swallows appear to have left us for another year, now on their journey south heading to their final destination of South Africa, you will be able for the next few weeks Swallows and Martins gathering on telephone wires has they gather for that journey


Common Darter Dragonfly

Common Darter

Painted Lady Butterfly

Painted Lady


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