Week 38

The year rolls on and into an Autumn season this time becomes harder to find things as the abundance of the summer months dies down.

Life does remain and its mainly in the bramble patches this week, Spiders are abundant at the moment especially the Garden Spider or the Crowned Orb-weaver. These spiders weave the webs we’ve all come to love and can be fascinating to watch as they weave away. Other spiders noted this week have been the Common Orb-weaver and the Harvestman Spider or commonly known as the “Daddy long legs Spider” which in fact isn’t a true spider, they differ in that they only have one body part and not two, they don’t have fangs, don’t produce silk, they have just two eyes and no venom glands.

Speckled Wood butterflies have been seen this week also but in low numbers, Green shield-bugs seen also and again mainly on the bramble patches.

Birds have been mainly active around the Birdtable which included a Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Nuthatch this week. Bullfinch and Common Buzzard have been heard only this week

Two new species an Ichnemon Wasp, I think Suspiciosus, these are parasitic wasps lying eggs in catapillars of both Butterfly and Moth and a Alder Spittlebug Aphrophora alni

Aphrophora alni- Alder Spittlebug

Euscelis incisus leafhopper

Ichneumon suspiciosus

Ichneumon Wasp


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