Week 25

Most of the birds are quiet now, busy feeding young, the Swallows have left the nest and now can be seen flying around the site along with the adults who will soon be starting a second brood.

There has once again been a good movement of Swift thru the site again this week and if you look closely you may be able to pick out Swallows and House Martins.

Out in the woods Great Spotted Woodpecker, Nuthatch and Chiffchaff were all heard but now difficult to find due to the foliage.

Insects have been plenty this week highlights been Leafhoppers (always a little favourite), Butterflies included Speckled Wood, Large Skipper, Meadows Browns and Ringlets in good numbers.

Moths have include the return this week of the Narrow bordered 5 Spotted Burnet

But the highlight of the week has to go to the Popular Hawk Moth, which was found in the factory. The commonest of the Hawk Moths which are on the wing from May to July

Poplar Hawk Moth

Popular Hawk Moth


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